Refurbishment is more than just tool selection and adjustment. We see refurbishment as a project rather than providing a single tool services.
We partnership with the fab tool owner, and we work toward the purchasing technical requirements, meeting time constraints, and minimize risk for the customers.

Value Engineering

With our own cleanroom facility and warehouse storage space, we are able to perform up to 12” used tool
refurbishment. We have success cases for 12” used toolrefurbishment, installation till release for production.
What is Semiconductor System Reconditioning?
Extend the Life of Your Process Systems. We can extend the usable life of your processing equipment, including wet cleaning/dry etch/litho track/furnace/metrology systems.

Our high quality, custom work upgrading used equipment include:

Repair with replacement or retrofitted parts.
Refurbish and reconditions with existing design and function, but restoring to good working order.
Retrofits and changing robots, software, etc.
Upgrades and Overhauls to add new or improved feature